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Rules and Regulations

General rules and regulations have been established to insure public safety and that the Gwinnett Center’s employees, users and related service providers are working in a safe and orderly environment. They should serve as a guideline for all concerned. Any requests for variations or exceptions should be submitted to the event management personnel of the Center and must be approved in writing.

For your convenience, below is a list of our most common requests. See the General Rules and Regulations, included with your contract, for complete guidelines.

Animals - Animals are not permitted in the Center except as an aid to people with disabilities or in conjunction with an authorized exhibit, display or performance.

Banners and Signs - Decorations, signs or banners may not be fastened to ceilings, painted surfaces, columns, or decorative walls.

Damages - Client is responsible for any damages to the building, furnishings or equipment. Damages of any kind should be reported promptly to the Center’s Security Department.

Decorating Materials - Helium balloons, glitter, confetti, adhesive backed decals, stickers, or any other decorative items may be brought in by the client with written consent of an Event Manager. An additional charge will be assessed for any items requiring removal by facility staff. All decorative materials must be flame retardant.

Load-In / Load-Out - Loading or unloading is permitted only through the loading dock. No loading or unloading is permitted through the front of the building. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Shipping and Receiving - No packages or freight will be accepted prior to the contracted move-in dates. The moving of the shipped freight from dock to assigned spaces is the sole responsibility of the client. Alternate arrangements can be made through event management. Return shipments are the sole responsibility of the client and should be off the dock within 24 hours after move-out.

Smoking - Gwinnett Center is a non-smoking facility.

Trash - Client is responsible for the complete removal of bulk trash. “Bulk Trash” is materials that cannot be removed with a broom. Pallets and large pieces of lumber and similar trash may not be place in the Center’s trash compactors or open top dumpsters.

Audio Visual - The Technical Services Department of the Center has an extensive inventory on site to handle all of your A/V needs as well as personnel for set-up, operation and tear-down. Other A/V equipment may be brought into the facility, however Center personnel are not responsible for set-up and/or operation. There will be an additional fee for all required power for equipment not supplied by the Center.

Rigging - All rigging in the facility must be handled by the Center’s personnel and arranged in advance through an Event Manager.

Security - The Center reserves the right to require additional security personnel, police and paramedics for the purpose of public safety, crowd management and logistical control as it relates to public and private events. Any event where alcohol is being consumed will require a Gwinnett County Police Officer for the full event time. Such use of required additional security will be supplied under the terms and conditions as stipulated in the contract.