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First priority for scheduling facilities and dates at Gwinnett Center is given to state, and national conventions, trade shows, meetings, and similar activities that generate significant attendance from outside the Gwinnett area, and have a significant impact on the hotel and hospitably industries in terms of hotel patronage.  Generally, this involves events that require a significant block of hotel rooms.

Second priority for scheduling facilities and dates is given to multiple-day, annual, or repeat consumer shows.  These events are usually open to the public and are revenue-producing events.  Facility scheduling commitments for second priority events and activities will not be confirmed more than 24 months in advance of the event.  License agreements may be executed and rates may be guaranteed up to 12 months in advance of the date.

Third priority for scheduling facilities and dates is given to one-time multiple-day events using significant portions of the Center.  Single-day events using smaller portions of the Center are given 4th priority and are not confirmed more than 6 months in advance of the event.

Glossary of Terms

When scheduling facilities and dates, the following terms and definitions apply to reservations for Gwinnett Center:

Tentative Hold
Facilities and dates will be temporarily held up to 7 days pending notification to the contrary by either party.  In the event a tentative commitment is released by Gwinnett Center, the requesting party will be notified that the facilities and/or dates have been released.

Facilities and dates reserved on first hold are reserved tentatively but a conflicting commitment for the facilities and dates generally will not be made in favor of a second requesting party with the same scheduling priority without first offering the party holding a first option an opportunity to either contract or release its reservation.

Second Hold
Facilities and dates will be reserved tentatively but the tentative reservation will be contingent upon release of a prior reservation which is considered a first hold.

Multiple Holds
Prospective users may reserve more than one event date for the same show/event, provided, in the sole opinion of Gwinnett Center Management, the reservations have not been made for the purpose of preventing reservations or holds by others, especially competitors.  Such “defensive holds” can be canceled at the discretion of Gwinnett Center management.

Facilities and dates are considered a definite or contractual commitment ONLY upon execution of License Agreement by the event sponsor and the Center specifying all details of the commitment.

Deposit Schedule
A 50% deposit is required upon execution of formal Gwinnett Center Lease Agreement.  The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the event.