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Helpful Hints for Exhibitors at Gwinnett Center

Hotels / Transportation in the Area - Please check with the promoter of your show to see if there is a block of rooms set aside at a local hotel. You may also check with the Gwinnett Convention and Visitors Bureau for a list of hotels and rates, transportation information, and assistance with special needs.

Ordering Utilities - A Utilities Order form can be emailed or faxed back to us. Please fill out the form in its entirety and note the advanced rate is applicable only with 2 weeks notice. The company name on the form should agree with the name registered with the promoter.

Permits - All licenses, permits, and tax reporting are the sole responsibility of the promoter and the vendors.

Other Rules - Please check with the promoter for special information on use of Show items such as food, gas powered vehicles, open flames, tents, and rigging. The promoter has a complete list of all rules and regulations for Gwinnett Center.

Shipping / Drayage - Freight should arrive at Gwinnett Center no more than 24 hours in advance of the show move in. Freight must be addressed properly with freight delivered to the proper area on the show floor. Drayage (freight storage) is available only through the show director. Contact the promoter for decorator information. Return shipments are the sole responsibility of the vendor. All packing, boxes, tape, and return labels should be brought on site with you. All shipments must leave Gwinnett Centers dock within 48 hours of show end.

Access Map for Vendors and Exhibitors - The highlighted area in the graphic below shows vendor and exhibitor access to Gwinnett Center venues. For driving Directions and an area map please see our Directions/Maps page.

Loading / Unloading - All loading and unloading must be done through the rear of the building. Absolutely no loading or unloading through the front is allowed! You are responsible for bringing all equipment necessary to unload and reload your show material i.e. hand truck, pallet jack, dollies etc. Please check with the promoter regarding fork lift operations.

Parking on Site - Please check with the promoter regarding location of vendor parking for your show. No overnight parking is allowed (including RVs).

Check In - Please check with the promoter upon arrival for booth location and vendor badges (if necessary).

Additional Equipment Needed on Site - Additional booth equipment (tables, chairs, etc) can be rented on site from the decorator of your show. Please check upon arrival for the decorator hours.

Access to Exhibit Floor - Promoters will inform Gwinnett Center what time access to the floor is allowed. Please check with the promoter for these times.

Equipment Rates

$1.00 each
Chairs on Seated Risers
$2.00 each
$10.00 each
$15.00 each
Tables-Draped and Skirted
$25.00 each
8 ft Pipe and Drape
$4.00 per foot
16 ft Pipe and Drape
$9.00 per foot
10' x 10' Exhibit Booth
$50.00 each

with (1) 8" x 30" draped and skirted table and (2) chairs

$10.00 each
Upright Piano
$150.00 daily
Forklift with Operator
$200.00 with 4 hour minimum
$50.00 each additional hour
Riser and Staging

6" x 8' sections x 8", 16" or 24"
$0.75 sq. ft.
4" x 8' sections x 32" - 48" line increments of 2"
$0.75 sq. ft.
Dance Floor
$0.75 sq. ft.
Phone Service

Phone Line
$110.00 each

70" Tripod
$18.00 daily
8" Tripod
$26.00 daily
6' x 8' Front Screen with Dress Kit
$100.00 daily
6' x 8' Rear Screen with Dress Kit
$100.00 daily
12' x 12' Front Screen with Dress Kit
$150.00 daily
12' x 12' Rear Screen with Dress Kit
$150.00 daily
10.5' x 14' Rear Screen with Dress Kit
Audio Visual Rates

Overhead Projector
$60.00 daily
Hi Intensity Overhead
$100.00 daily
3000 LCD Lumen Projector
$700.00 daily
1000 LCD Lumen Projector
$300.00 daily
35mm Slide Projector with wireless remote
$65.00 daily
27" Computer Monitor
$200.00 daily
27" Color TV
$75.00 daily
1/2" VCR
$80.00 daily
TV/VCR Package
$130.00 daily
VHS Camera
*$150.00 daily
Wired Microphone
$35.00 daily
Wired Lavalier Microphone
$35.00 daily
Wireless Microphone
$100.00 daily
Cassette Deck
$50.00 daily
Compact Disk Player
$50.00 daily
Small Portable Sound System
*$250.00 daily
Large Portable Sound System
**$450.00 daily
Exhibit Hall Sound System
**Call for Pricing
Exhibit Hall Lighting System
**Call for Pricing
Studio Colours
***$35.00 daily/each
Flipchart stand, Pad and Markers
$30.00 daily/each
Dry Erase Board and Markers
$30.00 daily/each
Sound Patch Fee
**$36.00 each
AV Cart
$36.00 each
20 AMP 120 volt 1 Phase
$45.00 each
Additional Electrical Needs
Call for Pricing
Expendable - Purchase

Flip Chart Markers (4 Pack)
$5.00 each
Overhead Markers
$3.00 each
Overhead Transparencies
$2.00 each
VHS Blank Tapes
$10.00 each
Audio Blank Tapes
$5.00 each
Dry Erase Markers
$5.00 each
DAT Blank Tapes
$15.00 each
Batteries AAA, AA
$1.00 each
Battery 9 volt
$3.00 each
Gaff Tape Roll
$15.00 each
Masking Tape Roll
$5.00 each
Performing Arts Center

Upright Piano
9' Steinway Grand Piano
Chorus Stand Riser (will hold 9 people on 3 rows)
$25.00 per riser
Orchestra Shell
Chorus Seated Riser (3' x 8')
$2.00 per chair

# of chairs depends on how many risers

Music Stands
$1.00 per
Orchestra Chairs
$1.00 per
Personnel Rates

Production Manager
$26.00 per hour
Light or Sound Operator
$23.00 per hour
$18.00 per hour
Ticket Sellers
Ticket Takers
Front House Manager
Low Steel Riggers
Uniformed Security
Emergency Medical Technician
prevailing rate
Uniformed Police Officer
prevailing rate
Fire Watch
prevailing rate
*Operator Optional
**Requires a GC Operator
***Available in Hall A and B
All equipment rentals/purchases are subject to Sales Tax. All Prices are based on current inventory. Prices subject to change when orders exceed current inventory.