The Performing Arts Center

Inside the Performing Arts Center, the stage is set to let your imagination soar! This beautiful 702-seat theatre is a crowning achievement in technological wizardry with all the amenities you would expect to find at a fabulous Broadway playhouse. Not only is it ideally suited for every type of dramatic stage production, it serves equally as well as a concert hall for musical performances or as a civic auditorium for corporate presentations.

The stage features a removable acoustical orchestra shell. When combined with the sound absorbing draperies and high tech house speaker system that produces nearly 18,000 watts of power, this orchestra shell greatly enhances the sound and quality of any music for an enjoyable listening experience your audience will not soon forget. And, with the intimate seating arrangement, truly there's not a bad seat in the house.

Above stage, there's a lighting grid that's accessible both from above and below, and a sophisticated fly system for fast and efficient scenery changes.

Backstage, the first class operations center includes easy access loading platforms, production offices, technician rooms, celebrity and chorus dressing rooms complimented with full bath and make-up facilities all contribute to making your production a rousing success. For diagrams and capacities, visit our virtual tour.

Production Information

Rigging Information

Audio Information

Lighting Information

Normal Arts Center Stage Dimensions

Proscenium Opening:






Selected Measurements:

Proscenium to up-stage wall (up/down stage)



Curtain line to apron edge



Curtain line to forstage edge



Last set of lines to back wall



Floor to grid



Stage at curtain line to balcony rail




Floor plan







Stage at curtain line to follow spot booth




Floor plan







Smallest load-in door

7'11"w x 9'11"h


Stage floor load maximun capacity

150 lbs/sq.ft.

The Stage is constructed of Northern hard maple, coated with (Rosco) flat black stage coating. The stage is equipped with a mechanically actuated rapid change over forestage lift system which can be utilized in one of the following three configurations:

  • Forestage extension is obtained by positioning lift at stage level adding 400 square feet to stage area.
  • Additional audience seating may be obtained by positioning lift at audience seating level and installing fifty-three (53) audience seating units on lift platform.
  • Orchestra Pit obtained by positioning lift at Orchestra Pit slab level. The standard Orchestra Pit accommodates approximately forth-five (45) musicians. Exact capacity will vary depending on the quantity and types of instrumentation utilized.

    Rigging Information

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    Lighting Information

    There are seventy-seven (77) sets of manually operated counter-weighted lines suspended by wire rope with 1,500 pound capacity. In addition to the counter-weight system, the house has one (1) dedicated house curtain set and two (2) tabsets each at stage left and stage right. All sets are on six inch (6") centers. All sets can be cleared and flown to the grid.

    The battens are sixty-five feet (65') long and are of pipe truss construction; material is one-and-one-half (1.5') ID schedule 40 black pipe.

    Fly operating gallery and pin rail are located stage right and are thirty-two feet (32') above the deck. Lower (#1) loading gallery is sixty-four feet (64') above the deck, upper (#2) loading gallery is seventy-two feet (72') above the deck. Grid height is seventy-six (76'). Proscenium is forty-five feet wide by twenty-nine feet high (45'w X 29'h).

    Audio Information

    Production Information

    Rigging Information

    Lighting Information

    The house speaker system consists of three (3) 4-way clusters consisting of Renkus-Heinz coax horns and Electro Voice TL806DX / TL3512 low frequency cabinets, located stage left, center stage and stage right. The system has 17,600 watts of power. Touring stage productions are urged to use the house speaker systems to provide general house fill as it has been balanced for the hall. Stage mounted systems will generally not provide adequate coverage to the balcony areas. Portable loudspeaker systems are available for on-stage use.

    The house sound console is located in the sound booth at the rear of the main floor level, however can be relocated to the house mix position rows R & S of the house center seating section just in front of the balcony in the main floor / orchestra level. This house mix position can also be used for touring consoles. The number of seats lost for use of the house mix position is twelve (12).

    Stage manager's console is portable and can be located down stage left of right. Stage manager's console is equipped with full communication and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) monitors. Communication systems are available at all workstations including flyrails and loading positions, down stage left and down stage right, catwalks-front of house, all control and followspot booths and house manager's position. A cuelight system is available from the lighting control booth, down stage left, and/or stage manager's console to seven (7) permanent locations, with twelve (12) additional portable locations. Program material and backstage paging is available to the dressing rooms, backstage areas, technical areas and front of the house.

    Lighting Information

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    An Electronic Theatre Controls Expression computer dimmer board with 250 channels is located in the lighting control booth at the rear of the main floor level. Intercom and program material are wired to the booth.

    Electrical disconnect "Bull" switches, 3 phase, five / six wire 110/220 volt are located per the following:

    Electrical Disconnect "Bull" Switches


    200 amp

    Stage Right Load-in


    100 amp

    Upper Stage Right


    400 amp

    Middle Stage Left

    The follow-spot booth is at the rear of the balcony, seventy-four feet (74) from stage. The booth has two (2) model 1266, 400-watt Super Arc 400 Lycian spotlights and provisions for additional spots or projection. Intercom and program material and wired to the booth.

    A total of 372 circuits are available on stage and in the house. All circuits are equipped with the appropriate 3-pin stage connector. The principal lighting positions available in from of the proscenium include:

    Circuits for Principal Lighting Positions

    High Bay (Cover)

    72 Circuits in the ceiling above the audience

    Balcony Rail

    14 Circuits

    Box Booms

    23 Circuits per side - Distributed over two (2) levels on three (3)

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